Important Do’s and Don’ts for Sending Flowers on Different Occasions

There are plenty of amazing reasons to send flowers to your dear ones. Especially when you have to make a romantic statement for the ones you love incessantly, you go the extra miles to make their occasion bright, memorable, and pleasant. Right?

However, the fact is, each situation or occasion has multiple etiquettes, and when you go against them, you can send a thoughtful message to your loved ones.

So, before sending flowers on special moments, make sure you are following all the do’s and don’ts, so you won’t offend someone or send an accidentally wrong message.

From your relationship with the recipient to the location and flower arrangement, there are lots of points to consider that can make the process hassle-free. Especially the decision to choose your flower delivery services in Perth have a significant impact on the way you send bouquets.

Do – Send the bouquet to a home address:

Sending flowers to your dear ones at their home address is the best tactic indeed. Because when you happen to send them to their workplace, they might feel uncomfortable, embarrass, or bad to receive flowers in a public setting.

Thus, when you send their favorite flowers to their home, they might feel more pleasant due to the privacy they have in their happy place.

It also eliminates some unwanted attention from other people. And the fact is, this makes them feel more special and grateful, as they can personally enjoy the aroma, touch, and feel the vibe of beautiful flowers.

Do- send white and pastel flowers for funerals and memorials:

When it comes to sending flowers to funerals and memorials, you need to take special considerations. Always choose some neutral or decent shades. White, blue, and pastel shades are the safe bet in every situation.

These colors naturally provide some emotional boost especially on sad or somber occasions such as funerals.

Thus, if you are not sure about sending the right color that might inspire your recipient, then getting advice from your florist is also the best choice. They have great experience in suggesting and recommending the best arrangements and colors according to the sort of your occasion.

They can also help you find the pattern and bouquet that can complement the mood of your recipient on a specific occasion.

Do Not send red roses to the person unless you are in a relationship with him:

Red roses symbolize love, passion, and care.

So, unless you are in a relationship with that person, it’s not recommended to send dozens of red roses so they cannot get the wrong idea.

In fact, if you are dating that person and you have strong feelings for them, then still wait for some time to get a positive signal from the recipient through which you can judge they also feel the same for you. But before then, it might be early for sending them a bouquet to reciprocate.

When there are occasions like Valentine’s Day, graduation day, or their birthday, then go for the yellow, mixed or pink bouquet. White and pink lilies are also a great choice that can put a beautiful smile on their face. White and pink flowers symbolize care, gratitude, and appreciation- which might be a good way to convey your feelings to them.

If you send yellow roses, it will represent joys, friendship, fascination, and admiration which usually conveys the message of care and happiness.

Do- consider the occasion first before sending flowers:

Another important practice before sending flowers is, analyze the nature of your occasion so you can convey the right message with the right bouquet.

Whether it’s Anniversary, Christmas, Birthday, or Mother’s Day, opt for the flower arrangements that complement the occasion best. For example, when you want to congratulate on a baby shower, sending blue and pink roses is wonderful to make them feel special and also goes best to the occasion.

When it comes to sending flowers on birthdays, go for mixed bouquets accompanied with teddy bears, chocolates, sweets, and other add-ons to make the occasion special yet memorable.

Besides that, when you have to send flowers for Thanksgiving or other occasions, consider pastel and pink hues or blends of reds and oranges to express your special joys and appreciation for your recipient.

Do Not choose local flower delivery when you want to wish them early:

What if your loved ones have a special day today and you forgot to buy them a gift? Do not go to the local flower shop to buy a bouquet because, in that condition, you also have to choose private delivery services that might take days to send your bouquet to the dear ones.

Above all, there is no guarantee that your flowers will arrive with the same freshness and aroma when you ordered them first. The worst thing is, you have to pay huge amount to private delivery services.

In contrast, when you go for the online flower delivery in Perth, your flowers will arrive the same day you add them to the cart with no absolute charges. Above all, they will be as fresh as you first saw them while ordering. So, chances are, your recipient feels surprised and happy to see such a wonderful arrangement on their special day.

Summing up:

Sending flowers is one of the most beautiful gestures to express your love. Especially when there is some special occasion, you cannot ignore your dear ones or take any kind of risk.

That’s the reason, following the above do’s and don’ts to celebrate the beauty of different occasions is the most essential thing that can strengthen your bonds together and convey the message of love and admiration while giving your recipient the idea about your tasteful floral arrangements.

However, if you feel confused about choosing the right flowers and arrangements to convey the right message, then you have an opportunity to approach Woodside Florist where professional florists are here to provide hand-picked flowers according to your requirement and occasion without breaking your budget boundaries.

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